I help serial dieters find their superpowers and make sustainable changes one small habit at a time.

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The Blueberry Nutrition Method

Through my own health journey and working with others, the one thing I see consistently is women losing the same 20 pounds over and over again. They beat themselves up and feel like a failure each time. This vicious cycle leaves them feeling depleted, stressed, and hopeless.
Let's leave that cycle behind, and build life-long sustainable practices to improve whole health & wellness.
Using behavioral science, I've built a habit-based coaching system designed to help clients meet their specific health, nutrition, and wellness goals.
You can choose from one of several program offerings to fit your current needs. 
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About Joanne

Joanne Schell, PN1 has been studying nutrition, self-improvement and the science of change for years. She most recently got her professional certification from Precision Nutrition and is currently pursuing her master's certification.
Joanne received an MPA from George Washington University with a concentration in behavior and dynamics. She is also trained in TM, Shambhala and Mindfulness Meditation. She prides herself on being a great listener and creating programs that are client, not coach-centered.

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5 Ways to Improve your Eating without Food Restriction

This email series will clue you in on the key foundations of weight loss and wellness with zero restrictions on what you eat.

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I coach people to stop diet cycles and adapt forever healthy ways of life.
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