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Get Healthy with Blueberry

Small Steps Strategy

Blueberry Nutrition is a habit-based coaching system, designed to help clients meet their specific health, nutrition and wellness goals.

By adopting small, manageable habits on a bi-weekly basis, cultivating healthy eating practices becomes effortless. 

Each client will leave Blueberry Nutrition with life-long, sustainable practices that can carry them well beyond their coaching. 

Joanne Schell, PN1 has been studying nutrition for years and most recently got her professional certification from Precision Nutrition. She prides herself on being a great listener, and creating programs that are client, not coach-centered. Subscribe below for discounts and news from Blueberry!


Joanne is such a great help! Her advice has been extremely helpful and catered to my busy life. She understands that I need simple changes and is always available to help me with support and ideas. She has a healthy passion for living and wants me to succeed.


I have lost 15 pounds in the first month. She is teaching me how to change my habits for the long term in a manner that will actually be sustainable.


I'm down a pant size and a notch on my belt! I feel great and am liking the way I look thanks for Joanne & Blueberry Nutrition.


Our Philosophy

The bravest thing we can do is change when things aren't working for us. Blueberry Nutrition does not believe in strict meal plans, crazy restrictions, or counting calories. 
Our philosophy is centered on small changes and putting the client in control of their eating, wellness and general health.


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